Threadbare Heart

Threadbare Heart I’ve got a threadbare heart, and I can’t sew. For all it’s been through, I’ve got so little to show. My leaps to euphoria and falls back into pessimism, Pumping blood through my veins to say “you’re alive”, Have worn down the strings that hold all of me – All the pieces of … More Threadbare Heart

Sun & Moon

Sun & Moon I am reminded all too often, That like the sun and moon, We have a whole world between us. Where I am naught but a reflection, You stand alone, shining, daily, In all of your radiant beauty, And all I can do is bask in it, Hoping your light will continue, Fighting … More Sun & Moon

(Unheard) Undertow

(Unheard) Undertow “I have so many words to speak, All aimed at the phantom of the future, Formed on the hopes of the past. While my streams of consciousness, Running daily, voice impassioned thoughts, All aimed at that currently deaf phantom. They wash away the words of yesterday, And each day I cling to the … More (Unheard) Undertow